Decrease marketing spend by using live chat software

Saturday, 04 September 2021 10:00 Mehr News Agency
Decrease marketing spend by using live chat software

Why is keeping and retaining old customers is more important than getting new ones? According to statistics, selling to existing customers is 50% more probable than new prospects. If you spend 70 dollars to get one customer, it needs only 10 dollars to retain an old one.

Well, it's evident that investing in your old mates is more efficient than finding new prospects. People are more responsive to individuals and companies they're already familiar with compared to complete strangers.

You need little marketing efforts to make returning customers purchase. They already know, trust and love you. They want your products and services. Don't forget your old customers so that you can increase your marketing ROI.

How to retain your customers?

Now, how to return and retarget your customers? There are few ways, like PPC and email newsletters, to call your old customers back and buy your products. But there is another way that is cheap and easy to perform.

The secret way is customer support. is a new and world-changing tool in the customer support industry that helps your marketing activities perform better.

Every customer has a journey through your website. Live chat could help you in every stage of this journey.

How live chat helps your business?

There are specific ways that live chat will help your business to maintain your existing customers.

When a prospect lands on your website, you can monitor them and understand their past interactions. By knowing prospects' past, you are ready to start the chat with personalized conversations. If they feel close to your business, you can engage them more and more.

In contrast to email ticketing, live chat can bring real-time conversations with customers. Your live chat agents should persuade the prospects or old customers to make a purchase.

With live chat different tools, customers have 24 hours 7 days access to your customer support. That is one of the best benefits of live chat.

into your live chat is a brilliant help. You could instantly send needed content to your prospect and help them figure out their problems.

You should not miss any customer support. It's shameful! Offline messages and forms help you to reach out to customers who make contact during offline hours.

by using mobile apps, operators are not limited to workstations. They could guide confused customers at any time, anywhere.

Analytics is essential for any business. Businesses need to know their customers' behavior, willingness, and goals. Then they can make decisions that improve their customer support.

Today, live chat is part of any website that offers products and services. In the customer support industry, many businesses compete to make and suggest the best platforms. Hubber. live is a new player in the live chat industry which suits your brand. It helps you convert prospects to customers. Adding Hubber to your website is easy and free.

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