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Feb 27th
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Home Culture Cultural News Islamic resistance against US' imperialism at Cinema Vérité in Tehran

Islamic resistance against US' imperialism at Cinema Vérité in Tehran

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Islamic resistance against US' imperialism at Cinema Vérité in Tehran

Iran is being demonized by the US media aiming to isolate the country and turn the world against it, though Iran has succeeded to strongly keep its connection with the world and stand against imperialism through art, culture, cinema and media. There are myriads of international festivals held annually in Iran bringing directors, producers, buyers and journalists from different countries across the globe together; Cinema Vérité is one of the most significant ones that screens documentaries from the international docmakers every year.

Iran International Documentary Film Festival also known as Cinema Vérité hosts docmakers from across the world especially in Martyred Avini's section which focuses on resistance and the Middle East issues.

Martyred Avini was a revolutionary leader, writer and filmmaker whose major concern was to show the right path to the youth. terrorism, ISIS, poverty, war, sanctions, etc. that were screened during the 13th edition of the festival and captured the audience attention.

More than 29 works have been sent to this section of the international event to rival for the best award. One hundred years of solitude', 'Story of the leader', 'life among warring flags', 'Under the Mina dome', 'The battle of waves', 'kill Mehdi Araghi', 'Mother of fronts', 'Rain and Bullets', 'Cassette', and 'Flood narration' are amongst the best films screened during the 7 days of the festival in Avini section.

The films revolves around the issues like Iran's Islamic revolution and people's protests against Pahlavi, war in Syrian borders and people's resistance against ISIS, Iran-Iraq war, women's role in wars, and the youth fighting to vindicate their rights which is freedom.

A great number of documentary filmmakers from the US, Europe, the Middle East region and the world of Islam have sent their films to different sections of the 13th edition of Iran International Documentary Film festival, started on December 9th and will close on 18th in Tehran.



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