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Dec 13th
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Home Culture Cultural News Iranian singer Mehran Mokhtarpur’s French-language album “Identite” released

Iranian singer Mehran Mokhtarpur’s French-language album “Identite” released

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Iranian singer Mehran Mokhtarpur’s French-language album “Identite” released

TEHRAN – Iranian singer and composer Mehran Mokhtarpur said on Monday that his new album titled “Identity” (Identite) has been released in the French language.

The album, which contains Mokhtarpur’s 15 rock songs, has been released by Avaye Suteh Delan, a record label in Tehran.

I was working outside Iran for several years, and my foreign friends did not believe that music was something usual in Iran and that concerts are being held in the country,” Mokhtarpur said in a press release published by Honaronline on Monday.

Even when I showed them the videos of performances and concerts in Iran, they told me there is no sign of Iranian identity in these works. This was a good motive for me to publish this album,” noted Mokhtarpur, who is the singer of the Iranian rock band, Piclavier.

I began to work on the songs a few years ago in France and wanted to show that there are all types of music styles in Iran. I actually wanted to make use of a non-Iranian language to present all Iranian and Western styles of music, and at the same time to show my Iranian identity,” he added.

Mokhtapur is also a writer whose “My Little Secrets” (“Mes Petits Secrets”) was introduced at the Paris Book Fair in 2018.

The Candle and Fog Publishing, a London-based Iranian-British company, is the publisher of “My Little Secrets”, which contains two short stories and a collection of poetry all written in French.

Photo: Cover of the album “Identity” (Identite) by Mehran Mokhtarpur.



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