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Apr 13th
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Home Culture Cultural News Rights exchange with Iranian publishers provided in TIBF

Rights exchange with Iranian publishers provided in TIBF

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Rights exchange with Iranian publishers provided in TIBF

said about the role of books in cultural diplomacy: Books can bring different nations together. Every nation and culture has its own interests, but everyone has a common opinion on reading books and they read books.

She said that the translation industry has a special role in cultural diplomacy. With the help of the book and its translation into different languages, we can better understand the culture of a country.

Pavlova added that people with different interests, different genders, and different levels of knowledge can read books, and it is books that bring them together.

Books are part of art. In fact, a book is like photography, painting, architecture, and music, and it can fascinate and teach people, the Head of PR Russian Book Union noted.

Regarding the exchange of rights with publishers from other countries, including Iranian publishers, she said, "Yes, such a program is on our agenda. It should be planned to achieve good results in the long run. In business, we also have a series of connections that we hope this plan will be realized and this cooperation will take place. Currently, Iranian publishers have a strong desire to publish Russian books. Nilufar Publishing House from Iran is ready to publish books by new and famous Russian authors. We have brought many books from Russia, amounting to a thousand titles, written by Russian authors.

Pointing out that the book fair is an opportunity to exchange rights, she said: "I know about the translation of the books that are going to be published in Iran and a contract has already been written in our plans. In this context, negotiations have been held with some Russian authors to translate their books for next year.



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