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Jan 27th
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Home Life and Style Food and Drink Dandeh Kebab; Delicious Iranian Grilled Meat

Dandeh Kebab; Delicious Iranian Grilled Meat

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Preparing this very delicious Iranian Kebab needs a special expertise.

First, cut a large piece of around one kilogram of lamb ribs as wide and long as shown in the photo. Then, put three to four skewers vertically through the meat to bear both the weight and the shape of it. Then hit the meat repeatedly with a sharp knife and put the meat in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Now the meat is ready to grill. Heat some oil in a container and then add tomato paste and sauté it. By adding salt, pepper, lemon juice, and saffron make a thick sauce.

When grilling, place the lamb ribs on a medium-heat coal, and at the same time rub the thick sauce on both sides continuously until the Kebab is ready.

Add some more sauce to Dandeh Kebab and leave it on a piece of bread and garnish it with onions, lemon or bitter orange.

Dandeh Kebab is very yummy and popular. Hope when you visit Kermanshah, try this Iranian specialty and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Kermanshah.

  • Grilling the calf’s ribs takes 2 minutes longer than those of sheep.
  • To get a better Kebab, you can create small cuts with a knife on the meaty parts of the ribs.
  • There is no need to turn the skewers very much on the heat, but be careful not to let the meat burn.
  • For your convenience, you can use grilling nets instead.
  • Put the rib pieces from one direction through the skewers for a steady grill.
  • It is better to keep the ribs in the fridge for a week to make it drier. It reduces the grilling time.
  • There is one layer of fat on the ribs. Do not remove it to get a better Kebab.
  • It is better to put the skewers or the net at least 8 centimetres above the heat and occasionally circulate the air.



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