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Jul 24th
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Home Travel Travel to Iran First Global Youth Tourism Summit Concludes - World news

First Global Youth Tourism Summit Concludes - World news

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First Global Youth Tourism Summit Concludes - World news

According to the General Directorate of Public Relations and Information, the first Global Youth Tourism Summit (GYTS) was held from June 27 to July 03 , 2022 in Sorrento, Italy.

The summit was a new platform created by the World Tourism Organization with the aim of empowering young people to actively participate in decision-making processes in the tourism sector.

A total of 120 participants from 57 countries between the ages of 12 and 18 took part in this meeting, and according to the decision and introduction of the vice president of tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Iran, Tara Garhami, a top Santur (hammer dulcimer) player, and Mohammad Hossein Rohande, an activists of the Children's Intellectual Development Center and teenagers represented Iran in the event.

A variety of interactive activities such as webinars, educational workshops, roundtables, educational classes, public meetings, cultural and sports activities, and the simulation of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) were organized to familiarize the participants with various aspects of responsible and sustainable tourism.

The meeting ended with the adoption of "Sorrento Call". The call has a bold and pioneering vision for the active participation of youth in the growth of tourism as a pillar of sustainable and inclusive development, that was approved in a meeting that simulated the UNWTO General Assembly.

The content of this call was based on sessions during which young participants were educated and exchanged views on some of the key issues facing tourism, including innovation and digitalization, plastic pollution and the growing relevance of sport, culture and food for destinations.

During the simulation of the UNWTO General Assembly, officials such as Pope Francis, Italy's Minister of Tourism, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy's Minister of Youth Policy, as well as the UN envoy for youth affairs, participated in person or through video calls.

The World Summit of Youth in Tourism is a very important beginning for the World Tourism Organization and the tourism sector. We support young talents from all over the world and give them the opportunity to express their ideas about the future of tourism," Zorab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, noted in the meeting.

Also, the Minister of Tourism of Italy encouraged the young people to be the responsible travelers of tomorrow and to maintain their optimism to realize their dreams.

Jayatma Wickramanayak, the UN envoy for youth affairs, also emphasized the importance of promoting the active participation of youth as agents of transformative change, challenging the status quo and also realizing the 2030 agenda.

Sorrento Call is based on three thematic bases of people, planet earth and welfare. As for the people component of this call, the young signatories call for the preservation of human rights, especially the consideration of persons with disabilities through appropriate tourism strategies and policies.

Issues related to food waste, plastic pollution, reducing climate change and preserving biodiversity were also discussed and reducing poverty, improving digital skills and creating more job opportunities for young was emphasized.

It was also stressed that the decision-makers should empower the youth and provide them with opportunities to express their concerns, and at the same time, strive to improve education to ensure responsible tourists and professionals.

The representatives of the Islamic Republic emphasized the ability and interest of Iranian youth in the sustainable development of the country's tourism by participating in the simulation of the General Assembly as the vice-chairman of the meeting.



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