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Nov 27th
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Home Culture Cultural News “No Choice” tops at Cinecitta International Film Festival

“No Choice” tops at Cinecitta International Film Festival

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“No Choice” tops at Cinecitta International Film Festival

TEHRAN – Iranian drama “No Choice” has won first prize at the 013 Cinecitta International Film Festival in the Netherlands.

Directed by Reza Dormishian, the film tells the story of three women who clash when a determined lawyer takes on the case of a homeless girl against a doctor. A 16-year-old homeless girl repeatedly works as a surrogate mother for money. A human rights attorney tries to rescue her, but inevitably faces difficulties.

The festival took place in Tilburg from October 13 to 17. 013, Tilburg’s area code, is the affectionate nickname for the city. Mention ‘013’ to anyone in the country and they immediately think of Tilburg.

My Wonderful Wanda” by Bettina Oberli from Switzerland won second prize.

The film follows Wanda, a 35-year-old Polish woman, who looks after Joseph, 70, in his family villa by the lake.

She is there for him around the clock and also helps his wife Elsa, 75. The youngest son Gregi, 28, likes her very much. Wanda is poorly paid for the work, but she needs the money for her own family in Poland. Since everyone lives under one roof, Wanda gets an intimate view of their family life, so intimate that Wanda unexpectedly becomes pregnant.

Third prize went to “The Book of Delights”, a co-production between Brazil and Argentina by Marcela Lordy.

The film tells the story of Lori, a lonely and melancholy woman who divides her time between her tasks as an elementary school teacher and her romantic relationships, which are always quick and superficial.

By chance, she meets the Argentine Ulysses, a renowned professor of philosophy, self-centered and provocative. Even though Ulysses doesn’t understand anything about women, it is with him that Lori will learn to love and face her own loneliness.

The film brings Clarice Lispector’s novel “Uma Aprendizagem ou O Livro dos Prazeres” to our days.

Photo: Parsa Piruzfar acts in a scene from “No Choice” by Reza Dormishian.



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