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May 24th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran nuclear chief vows to boost atomic science

Iran nuclear chief vows to boost atomic science

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Iran nuclear chief vows to boost atomic science

Despite the widespread efforts of the enemies to prevent scientific development in the country, we are witnessing considerable success,” Mohammad Eslami said in a meeting with Leader’s representative in Bushehr on Tuesday night.

Pointing to the enemies' opposition to the development of nuclear science in the Islamic Republic of Iran, he added that the enemies have prevented the education of Iranian students in nuclear fields in prestigious international universities.

We will take widespread and special measures and all capacities will be used for this purpose, said the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, emphasizing the need for efforts to promote this area scientifically and technologically.

Another economic and strategic advantage of the nuclear industry is standardization and improvement of the quality of agricultural products, Eslami noted, announcing the development of the use of nuclear radiation in the production of agricultural products.

The use of the nuclear industry in order to promote and expand modern agriculture, the development of radiopharmaceuticals and related laboratories and nuclear agriculture centers are included in the agenda, he said, emphasizing the acceleration in nuclear science and technology.

The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in nuclear science should be changed and improved, he said, naming nuclear technology as one of the components of growth and development.



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