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Aug 11th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News China to export 12m vaccines to Iran for teenager use

China to export 12m vaccines to Iran for teenager use

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China to export 12m vaccines to Iran for teenager use

Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, Iran's ambassador to China, said, "In the next two weeks, 12 million doses of vaccine suitable for people aged 3 to 17 will enter the country.

The diplomat added, "Within the next one month and a half, another 60 million doses of vaccine will be imported into Iran from China.

In response to the question whether the vaccine shipments will be exported to Iran based on previous or new contracts with China, the ambassador said, "We sent whatever quantity we bought. The contracts are up to date and whatever quantity we requested, the work has been done within a week or two. There was no request that was not met.

He added that China has boosted its production of vaccines and can meet the demands better than the past.

Keshavarzzadeh also noted, "We received a shipment of 12 million doses of vaccine yesterday and it will be sent [to Iran] in the next week or two.

The Iranian ambassador to Beijing said the recent efforts by the new administration in Iran including by President Raeisi and foreign minister Amir-Abdollahian accelerated the process of delivering the vaccines, stressing "We will not have any problems with regards to the vaccines.



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