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Dec 05th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News 'Iran to produce oral covid19 vaccine next year'

'Iran to produce oral covid19 vaccine next year'

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'Iran to produce oral covid19 vaccine next year'

Regarding the latest situation of knowledge-based companies that work in the field of coronavirus vaccines, Dr. Mostafa Ghanei told Mehr News Agency that a total of 9 domestic firms have entered the field of producing coronavirus vaccines. Two vaccines are on the edge of receiving clinical licenses.

Stating that this vaccine is using the killed or inactivated version of the virus, he said, "The company that produces this kind of vaccine will enter the third phase of the clinical trial by the end of the year.

The member Scientific Committee of Coronavirus Combat and Prevention noted, "Another company that has worked on the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine is agreed to enter the clinical phase after receiving a license; The company has gone through a preclinical phase.

Regarding the issue of receiving licenses from the World Health Organization, he said, "Currently, WHO is not our major concern due to increasing need of the vaccine that ought to be produced domestically and used with the licenses of the Ministry of Health.

Many of the vaccines used domestically have been licensed by the Ministry of Health”, he added.



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