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Dec 05th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran-Cuba vaccine to be mass produced in coming months

Iran-Cuba vaccine to be mass produced in coming months

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Iran-Cuba vaccine to be mass produced in coming months

Dr. Homayoun Sameyah broke the news on Sun. and said that the coronavirus vaccine jointly produced by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba will hit the domestic market within the next few months.

While expressing his satisfaction with the success of joint production of COVID-19 vaccine between Iran and Cuba, he said, “Some news agencies claimed that Cuba considered the vaccine as its own vaccine and denied any cooperation with Iran, but based on authentic information I received from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, as well as a congratulatory message I have received from the Cuban ambassador in Iran on the success of joint production of this vaccine, I categorically deny this false news and I am happy and satisfied with this joint cooperation.

He put the number of COVID-19 vaccines which is currently produced in the Islamic Republic of Iran at 6 and stated that proper budgets have presently been allocated by the government for the research and production of COVID-19 vaccine in the country.

We have pinned much of our hope to domestic production of coronavirus vaccine,” Dr. Sameyah emphasized.

According to the officials of the Pasteur Institute of Iran, the first and second stages of the clinical trial of the joint Iranian-Cuban Covid-19 vaccine have been carried out in Cuba, and the third phase has almost been completed in Iran.



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