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Apr 05th
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Home NEWS Iran Coronavirus outbreak shows world truth of US cruel sanctions on Iran

Coronavirus outbreak shows world truth of US cruel sanctions on Iran

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Coronavirus outbreak shows world truth of US cruel sanctions on Iran

Speaking in a video message on Wed. he pointed to the US cruel sanctions and Iranian people’s fighting against coronavirus and emphasized, “coronavirus showed the world the reality of US cruel sanctions on Iran. imposition of sanctions on Iranian health had been embedded in the central part of US economic terrorism and sanctions from the very beginning.

Zarif added, “when right of a nation to access medicine, food and other humanitarian items is denied, this country is placed in an unequal and vulnerable situation as compared with other countries.

Zarif added, “to overcome sanctions and fight against coronavirus, we also need to change our thought and mind. This disease taught us we need to change method of governance.

Persian New Year [Nowruz] will be blessed when we are free from some illusions in domestic and foreign policy.

To overcome sanctions, “we should bid farewell to all forms of ‘self-sanctioning’ and enter a new era of diplomacy,” Zarif emphasized.

Iranian people’s fight against coronavirus in the short period eliminated boundaries between Iranians living abroad and inside the country, he said, adding, “with the spread of coronavirus, compatriot Iranians set aside frontiers and rushed to help people of the country. is national approach mutually burdens our responsibility heavier.

Here, I reach out to my compatriots anywhere in the world that today, your home country needs your help more than ever,” Foreign Minister Zarif highlighted.



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